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Office Tenants

Here at Artifex we take the utmost care of our tenant clients in search of their next office.  From market education to touring buildings and negotiating leases, it is our mission to find you the best fit for the next part of your business venture.

Your Ambition


Most of our clients have an idea of what they want their businesses to be in the future.  We can help you navigate that as it relates to your space and what would take care of your ambition and help you fulfill it.



We help businesses sort out their financials for the sake of understanding what you can “afford” and what options may be best for you, your company and your future.



Navigating “Square Footage” so you aren’t confused by misleading claims along with the type of space you really need in New York City is a challenge.  We will help you meet it successfully.  We make sure you know exactly what is being offered and help you assess how the space can support fulfilling your ambitions.



We often find that our clients are clear about where they want to be and why however there are sometimes other concerns and variables to consider.  We can walk you through these to ensure you make the best decision possible.



Tenants often need build-outs for their spaces.  We can assist you in thinking through what you need now and what you may need in the future.  We also have partnerships with vendors in construction and design who can be of great use as well.

Present & Future


Although our clients have a very clear understanding of their present situations, sometimes the future is more abstract and unknown.  We can help you think through where you may be in the years to come so that you make the most knowledgeable decisions for the future.

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